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A true game changer, already breaking industry standards.

The idea of SmartAd was born in 2017, when driven by our vast experience in telecommunications, IT and advertising, we saw the need and the opportunity to reshape the advertising ecosystem.

We are convinced that traditional advertising is struggling to make the desired sense, suffering by exposure fatigue affecting both advertisers and consumers. We embarked on a journey of innovation, with the aim to change the advertising game.

Our “secret sauce” recipe? The transformation of mobile, taking the steps to make it our first screen. Our long-term successful cooperation with Telecom Operators made the creation of this collaborative media channel possible and secured credibility and trust. And that was just the beginning for SmartAd! Exciting times were ahead of us.
SmartAd development and testing started at the end of 2017 and were completed by March 2019.

The world premiere of SmartAd happened with A1 (Telekom Austria Group) in April 2019. One year later, we were trusted by a second group of global telecom operators – Telenor and Vivacom. SmartAd became the first cross-operator service of its kind, uniting telecoms in a unique and highly impactful media channel.