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Achieving your marketing targets.

Differentiating your brand and keeping your spending under control is getting impossible in the jungle of exponentially growing mobile advertising. The traditional digital social media are bombarding users with advertising, increasing annoyance and making it harder and harder to harness attention.

So what’s next?

SmartAd offers a fresh, innovative mobile channel to reach your audience.

By design SmartAd ensures the full attention of the user on the content displayed. Attention and engagement are more than 5 times the industry’s average!

SmartAd is ideal for branding, product positioning, offers and lead generation campaigns.

Check out some of the reasons why:


Unparalleled visibility – cutting through ad clutter and bringing all eyes on ads

Full GDPR compliance

Precise targeting

Snack-sized content that gets noticed every time

100% exclusivity on-screen, 100% SoV

100% in-view impressions, no video buffering

No competition for audience attention

Exceptional engagement with consumers, 4,5% average CTR

Only real consumers, resulting in increased ROI

Fast Reach & Frequency building

Guaranteed brand safety (by design)

Fraud protection, full transparency & third-party verification by DoubleVerify

We help advertisers send the right message, at the right time, in the most impactful way. Getting the most out of your advertising budget has never been easier.