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For the first time ever you are incentivized to watch popular and commercial content!
SmartAd enables you to view short video, interactive and static content.

How it works


Download and install your telecom operator’s SmartAd app

Let us get to know you by answering a few simple questions

A limited number of ads will be displayed after you unlock your mobile’s screen, or when you take incoming calls and initiate outgoing calls, as well as after you finish a call

Ads are limited to a maximum of 10-12 per day

Ads are usually around 6 seconds long and are displayed evenly during the day

Content delivery is neither blocking nor delaying any of your smartphone functions, such as:

Unlock and Post-call: Content is skippable at any moment

Outgoing and Incoming calls: Content is displayed without affecting any standard dialer functions such as dialing, answering, call termination, call rejection, muting, keypad access, loudspeaker, Bluetooth, reject with SMS, etc.