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SmartAd is the future of mobile advertising
Catching users’ attention in a mobile-first world is a dream. SmartAd is a mobile medium powerhouse that makes this dream come true.


It is an innovative smartphone-based channel that enables brands grab moments of peak attention and easily engage with consumers. In collaboration with mobile operators, we:
– provide advertisers with a fresh and impactful medium
– contribute socially with philanthropic donations and initiatives
– make mobile communications more affordable

We are here to challenge the traditional and overused advertising channels, and to empower brands with unparalleled user engagement.

Our innovative display technology enables the basic and routine smartphone functions to deliver commercial, educational, social and entertaining content. We deliver content:
– following screen unlock
– during incoming call ringing
– while initiating an outgoing call
– following a call termination

By design, SmartAd is a 100% brand-safe, fraud-free and GDPR-compliant channel, not affected by video buffering and ad blockers.

With SmartAd, We change the game!

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